Fair Music Streaming
with Blockchain


Empower yourself.
Empower the artists.
Feel the transparency.

Why Blaast?

Empower yourself

Pay only for the artists you listen to

Empower the artists

Your favorite artists and bands directly get 80%+ of the revenue

Feel the transparency

Revenue sharing through a smart contract

Blaast is the first music streaming platforms aiming to be fair for both listeners and artists. It will be powered by Blockchain Technologies and the distributed filesystem IPFS.

On Blaast, as a listener, your subscription pays only the artists you listen to. Nothing more. As an artist, you are guaranteed an 80%+ remuneration: no bureaucracy, no intermediaries, full transparency through a smart contract.

Blaast is also imagined to put people from all forms of arts in contact: find your next EP's designer, get a review of your album, collaborate with people you love! Empower your music: go full Blaast!